Your shop-in-shop by A&B Project. Get your clients to really discover your product.

Shop-in-shop: a unique experience for your clients

Shop-in-shop formulas are getting more popular everyday – and with good reason. The creative possibilities for product promotion are endless. And thanks to our expertise in exhibition stand construction and interior design, you’re sure to get a shop-in-shop that’s simply irresistible for your target audience.

Our employees have more than 25 years of experience in the trade. We’re a creative hub that enforces your sales strategy with unique ideas and concepts. We develop your shop-in-shop from a to z.

Our specialists take care of the design, the development and the full implementation of your stand. We’ll create the perfect balance between sales and design and offer your clients a unique experience.

A&B Project, your creative partner in strategy

You’ll surely notice our national and international experience in exhibition stand construction and interior decoration when you let us develop your shop-in-shop. Not just in the design, but in our service as well. Deadlines are sacred to us. Besides that, we’re used to finding solutions where others only see problems. Our team doesn’t turn down a challenge and works till everything’s 100% perfect.

First we want to get to know your expectations and goals. After that, it’s off to work! We develop a detailed creative concept that fully supports your strategy. Of course, we’re crystal clear on the possibilities and the necessary budgets. We’ll adapt our proposals till we’ve got a final design that meets your standards to the fullest.

Craftsmanship for your shop-in-shop

Your trusted contact at A&B Project has a wide range of craftsmen at his or her disposal. From furniture builders to painters and woodworkers; our partners create your shop-in-shop up to the smallest detail. Because we select our craftsmen based on skills and location, they’re always nearby to fix any problems in the shortest timespan.

Flexible, thorough and durable, that’s our approach to the job. Want to discover how we’d create your shop-in-shop? Swing by the office and we’ll tell you all about it!






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